About Us

World Class Transportation System

We are a group of successful entrepreneurs and professionals with extensive knowledge and expertise focused on developing attractive business opportunities in Africa. Our strength lies in harnessing the synergies between our diverse backgrounds to establish a successful business that generates exceptional returns.


When you have a diverse set of backgrounds, perspectives, experiences, roles and demographics it means you have a wider set of knowledge, skills and approaches to draw upon that can really be that “special sauce” to deliver strong work and also navigate the challenges of projects.

Strong communication

Good communication is essential within project teams. Successful project coordination, avoiding misunderstandings and harmonious relationships are all fed by good communication and need to be at the center of the project.

Perseverance & flexibility

When projects go wrong it is often when the true strengths of project teams really emerge. Elements such as technical knowledge and smooth communication are important, but when things aren’t going to plan, the team needs to draw on different qualities

Why Choose Us

Brian Croock has been doing business in the DRC for more than 20 years. During this time, he developed a keen understanding of the DRC and an extensive network of business and government connections. His knowledge and network are key assets in facilitating a successful business and mitigating the risks associated with operating in the DRC.

James Fisher founded one of only two South African shipyards capable of building vessels to international standards and built up an order book of more than R600 million, catering to clients globally. He has abundant experience in managing a start-up from inception and growing it into a mature enterprise with sustainable revenue and returns. He has listed a company on the UK Stock exchange and was a finalist for entrepreneur of the year in 2016.


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